Resolving Estates’-Related Disputes

As many Collaboratively-trained Professionals as they assess are needed may participate in the resolution of disputes among heirs. As with any legal process, costs increase depending on the professional intervention needed. The difference is that with a Collaborative Process, professionals aim for win-win solutions for all heirs, rather than pitting heirs against each other as is necessary in litigation. Heirs able to communicate effectively, regulate emotions and invest in reasonable solutions will need less professional intervention. Neutral, Collaboratively-trained Mental Health Professionals facilitate conversations, address concerns and aim to secure understanding at multiple levels. A neutral Financial Specialist gathers and analyzes all participants’ relevant financial data. As many collaborative attorneys may be involved as there are separate interests. It is also possible for a single collaborative attorney to write up the resolutions. 

Neutral Financial Specialists
Neutral Mental Health Facilitators
Trusts & Estates Attorneys